Weird Dreams 2013-01-06

I was reading over some old stuff I'd written, and came across some ancient dream descriptions. I thought I'd share them. They're written in an extremely informal style, but I've corrected some spelling mistakes and fixed formatting. The first three I still remember quite vividly; The others, not so much.

Oct 14th, 2008

A few weeks ago I had a very strange dream;

I was lying down, face up, in a large room with a foam mat covering most of the floor. Along the north wall was a couch, and in the north east corner of the room there was a doorway.

Inside the room with me were a pair of pale dark-haired women standing whispering into each others' ear while looking at me. After a few seconds they both came over to me and started to kiss me in turns. However the kisses were not sexual, it was more like they were somehow evaluating me.

After a while the pair left the room and two more, pale, dark-haired, women entered the room, and started to kiss me, eventually they would ask me odd questions like "How many people know about you?" and "Do you know who you are?".

After they left, three more women entered the room and one of them started to kiss me and immediately slammed my head against the ground. When I looked at her again she appeared to be a demon and I felt like it was trying to erase my memory.

I woke up a few seconds later; However it wasn't like waking up from a nightmare, I wasn't scared, just really confused as to what had happened. For whatever reason I also seem to remember this dream far more vividly than any dream I've had in the past few years.

Dec 13th, 2003

My dream starts out as the video game double dragon, standard double dragon stuff goes on, beating up Abobo and whatnot. After the double dragon part that has rocks, I enter a cave(which wasnt in double dragon). Inside the cave I pick up some gasoline and matches.

When I come out of the cave I'm in an open area surrounded by high rock walls, in a far corner there is a small pond with several tunnels in the wall, but each tunnel is occupied by a giant fish thing that looks somewhat like this:

[I don't have this image anymore]

They are a bit longer though, more eel-like, and they can also talk. Anyway, they dont want to move and I know if I get near them they'd eat me or something, so I have to think of A Plan(tm), my can of gas and matches are gone for a mysterious reason, and I dont have anything to combat them with.

I wander around to look for stuff and find a gun, and fire it into one of them and miss with each of my six shots. I find out that they can turn into people too, well, they can only turn into stuck up, proper, well dressed victorian-types.

I go back to looking for stuff to get around them with, and I find my gasoline and matches and coat three of them with gasoline and light them on fire and they scurry around and drop these little mutlicolored sugary-looking crystals that i use to scare the other two away, clearing the way for me to enter the tunnels in the wall. I wake up at this point.

Nov 21st, 2003

I had a few weird dreams last night.

I had to use the restroom, and I was in this big building (I think it was a school). I walked into what I think would be some kind of cafeteria and there was a restroom in plain view, but the ramp up into it was a really steep curve, too much for me to climb. There was a girl there and I asked her what the heck they were thinking. She suggested climbing up the back of the ramp. I went around to the back and there were giant flatworms of some kind writhing in water filled pans on some kind of food cart. There was no way I was going to climb anything near something like that. I asked her where another restroom was and she pointed to a corner across the room.

I went there and there was the this girl there who wouldnt let me pass until I said the word "kiss". After I said it, she looked kinda like she was looking me over, seeing if I had said it right, and then let me pass. In the bathroom there was a big line and a lot of chattering people so I had to wait, and ended up talking to the people in there. After a while, for some reason I cant remember, I had to leave. upon leaving, three girls decided they liked me enough (including the one who wouldnt let me pass earlier), to follow me. For some reason, they got in my car with me and started driving it. They said they were lesbians and one of them kissed me. We drove around the parking lot, then I got out and went home.

My last dream of the night involved me sliding down a tube into a room, building a gun out of lego blocks, then busting two people out of the building. I woke up somewhere in the middle, but it was pretty cool, the girl has psychic powers but she tried to use them on me and since I'm special I was able to take her over. The old man didnt really do much.

Nov 4th, 2003

I had a dream last night where I spent an hour or so trying to decide on what kind of candy corn to get.

There were giant candy corns, individually wrapped packages, and big bags of them. I ended up getting one giant one, and one of the big bags. freaky.

Aug 7th, 2003

I had a dream where I almost drowned playing panzer dragoon.

Jul 28th, 2003

I had a dream where jackie chan was chasing me on stilts O_o

Gosh, most of these were so horribly written. I hope you were able to tolerate them.

sweet dreams,