My First Kiss 2013-01-05

Being a bit lonely while organizing stuff in my new apartment, I started thinking about the first semi-serious romantic relationship I ever had. It actually wasn't very romantic at all, now that I think about it; It was more exploratory lust tempered by extreme awkwardness and a complete lack of understanding of what we should be doing. It still led to my first real kiss, though.

Her name was Cara. I think I was eleven at the time; I think she was too, I don't remember our ages being any more than a few months apart. She was my sort-of best friend's sister. I say her brother and I were sort-of best-friends because we spent a lot of time together, mostly playing video games, though we never really had any serious emotional connection. He was also violent, scary, loved to play with knives and fire, and got really upset when he lost.

Anyway, back to lady-kissing. I know a lot of you are already assuming how I totally lady-suaved my way into her heart, but it's totally the opposite. She persued the relationship with me, at the time I wasn't really trying to find a relationship (I was very happy borrowing my sister's back massager thing). She said I was 'cute', and wanted to 'go with me' and that was all it took for me to agree.

We were watching a movie, for some reason I think it was "Ernest Scared Stupid", but we were pretty distracted by each other. After a bit of girly whispering back and forth we started looking into each others eyes, I remember seeing her close her eyes and she started to move in close to me, tilting her head slightly. I instinctively closed my eyes and tilted my head the other way and our lips met.

It felt soft; Warm too, it was really nice. After a couple of seconds she put her hand on my thigh and pushed in closer, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I was initially a bit shocked, but I remember feeling how slippery the bottom of her tongue felt against mine, and how she tasted like twizzlers (she had eaten one a few moments earlier). I think she sensed my shock and abruptly ended the kiss. She smiled at me, and asked if I liked it.

We spent the next hour or so talking about and experimenting with kissing, seeing what felt best, trading off bits of candy in a kiss, and seeing how long we could keep a kiss going.

I'm pretty sure she's where I picked up my love of kissing. My ex-fiance was not a good kisser, and assumed that any kissing was just a short intro into sex. I'm content to make out for 45 minutes or more, just slowly experiencing things, whispering things in your ear, and leaving hickeys all over.

If this is all too weird for you, here's a robot dancing instead.

Robot pincers activate

with love,