Little Adventures 2013-01-13

I wandered a lot as a kid. I didn't really do well directly talking with others, and I was always had an overactive imagination (probably why I still can't sleep without a light on). I like to think that this extra time alone, being imaginative and introspective, has helped me become a much better person than I otherwise would have been.

I spent most of my childhood in a house with a field behind it. The story I heard was that in the late 1970's the local school district bought this plot, but the deal stated that the farmer could lease it for $1/yr until the district built on the property. To this day the district has built nothing there.

In the center of this sweet-deal of a field is a single tree with a few large rocks nearby. This tree is quite old, and it bears the signs of significant use over the decades. It has rotting handholds held in by rusty nails, ancient proclamations of love being slowly absorbed back into the tree, and the occasional broken bottle interspersed with its roots.

The field itself held its own wonders, the farmer would rotate crops, but mostly grew corn, once corn reached a certain height it obscured your vision, leading to a feeling of truly being lost. After the growing season the field would revert to a giant tract of mud so deep it would suck the shoes off your feet. In the winter, pools of water would freeze on the surface, creating 4-6 inch thick sheets of ice that could easily be 20 or more feet long in any direction.

To my prepubsecent mind, this solitary island in a sea of ever-changing alien landscapes was beautiful. My very own Shangri-La, protected by all sorts of insurmountable obstacles that would test the bravest and cleverest.

I would load up my backpack with "adventuring supplies". These mostly consisted of things meant to be magic wands, spell books, bows, tricorders, phasers, stuffed animals with magical powers, giant robot remote control joysticks, and probably some Honey Nut Cheerios. I would use these supplies to counter whatever monsters, romulans, demonic portals, riddle masters, dragons, or evil robots that were in the way.

I've put together a crude map of the area, so you can visualize a bit what I'm talking about:

Map of the ancient world

I spent of a lot of time on one of the large rocks near the tree, just sitting there, thinking about whatever was on my mind, occasionally eating some dry Honey Nut Cheerios; protected from the rest of the world by monsters, mud, and maize.

In case you were wondering, yes, a piece of the triforce is hidden there.

with love,