I See Faces Everywhere 2012-12-31

It kind of looks like a duck

The title pretty much says it all; starting quite recently I've been seeing faces where most people don't. Take my purse for example.

Hoovy Purse I don't oven Oh man, my purse is pretty dirty D: ; Oh well

It seemed to start when I got back to futzing with pixel art for my sad story video in February. I found it interesting at the time, just noticing how many objects your brain can sort of register as two eyes and a mouth, and how much emotion can be expressed with such small changes in detail. Once I started on anti-depressants, however, things changed quite a bit. Not only was I noticing faces a lot more, but when I did always made me smile.

For most I've my life I've been pretty awkward when confronted with faces, I often have trouble looking people in the eyes, but suddenly I was craving the sort of feeling you get when connecting in that way, even if it's just with a few sticky notes stuck on my monitor.

Hello, my friends. Ohai there.

It's gotten to the point where I've started getting giggly and/or smiling for no visible reason to people around me. They don't see what I do, and I probably appear crazy to them.

Here's a good example; There's a pillar in the parking garage at work, It appears that someone managed to scrape something hard against it (a car maybe?) and take off most of the paint, while most people just see a random bit of missing paint my brain fills in all of the details.

Obviously Not a Face Oh hai Yeah, you totally are crazy.

Hearts and smily faces,