Abandoned Projects 2013-01-07

On multiple occasions I've started working on animated projects like my sad story video. I usually get through the point of having a lot of basic art and a rough script, but then I start to feel that it isn't good enough.

sleepy dew is so adorable

My most recent attempt (pictured above) was done around the time I was making BAGL art. I was in a pretty bad place, I had stopped going to my psychiatrist because I couldn't afford it anymore. I think I did a good job of reflecting how scared and vulnerable I was feeling in the art. The script I wrote was mostly my trying to keep talking about my problems. It's horribly formatted, but if you are curious to read it, you can do so here.

I was actually quite happy with the script and the art. I eventually became convinced the content was too dark for me to proceed with at the time.

This is probably too many characters

I started working on the one pictured above immediately after finishing the sad story video. I wanted to make something more upbeat and shoot for weekly or bi-weekly releases. The art style is intended to be reminiscent of the IBM PCjr's 160x200 mode that was used in a lot of early Sierra adventure games.

The show was going to be about eight students enrolled in foreign language class; only no one told them that taking a foreign language is actually just cover for being demon-hunters in training.

I gave up on this one because I was never happy with the scripts I was writing. I think a lot of it had to do with how many characters I created.

Hope you found this interesting,